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The Final Destination: STATIC! Review

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The Final Destination is the latest addition to the horror franchise of the same name. Directed by David R. Ellis and filmed in HD 3-D it stars Bobby Campo, Nick Zano, and Krista Allen. The Final Destination brought in 28.3 million dollars during it’s opening weekend. The film opened on August 28th 2009.

To be perfectly honest this film gave me only a taste of everything I was hoping for. For starters it was extremely short, with a running time of 82 minutes. The film opens as all the others do with a sequence of intense and graphic kills and sticking to the same formula as the previous three films. I feel like there was zero character and story development (not that there should be a ton) bet come on, I’d like a little background story. The film speeds through the kills using “real life scenarios” as the reasons behind the deaths.

[SPOILER ALERT] I am still taken by the fact that after Nick Zano’s character is killed that not one of the characters (who were all friends) even acknowledge the fact that he is dead. On a good note this movie is introducing us to Bobby Campo  (The eye candy who is playing the lead male role) and lets us see the amazingly HOT Krista Allen with her clothes on for once. Over all the film beat out the third installment but cannot live up to the original and it’s sequel. If your going to see it, spring for the 3D version as there are some worth while moments that I can’t imagine seeing in the standard release of the film.

The Final Destination: STATIC! Rating  [3 out of 5 Stars]


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