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Destinys Child 2 Reunite in 2010!

Posted by Static on September 1, 2009 | No comments

destinys child

So just when you thought a reunion was out of the question, we get word confirming the trio is set to reunite in 2010. Destiny’s Child who consists of Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams parted ways in 2005 to committ to solo endevours and did so with chart topping success! Michelle Williams is the one who leaked the news stating “It definitely will happen. We’re sisters, we love each other and we want to work on the future of Destiny’s Child.”

Well if a reunion of Destiny’s Child is in order I hope it comes after Kelly Rowland releases another solo album, her number one single “When Love Takes Over” shows Kelly moving in a new direction leaving me wanting more. Her collaborations with french DJ/Producer David Guetta are AMAZING!

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