Chevelle: Sci-Fi Crimes (Retail)

Posted by Static on September 1, 2009

Sci-Fi Crimes

Sci-Fi Crimes is Chevelle’s fifth studio album and contains the single “Jars”. The album was released on August 31st 2009.  I have been a fan of Chevelle’s since 2002’s “Wonder What’s Next” and this album brings exactly what I love about this band straight to the plate. If you’re a fan then you’ll definitely get drawn back into the bands melodic rock ballads immediately.


01. Sleep Apnea 
02. Mexican Sun 
03. Shameful Metaphors 
04. Jars 
05. Fell Into Your Shoes 
06. Letter From A Thief 
07. Highlands Apparition 
08. Rosewells Spell 
09. Interlewd 
10. A New Momentum 
11. This Circus


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